Payroll for Mining:

HR-Pay role on Cloud for the Mining Industry

Streamline business processes. Increase the worth of assets. Optimize costs. Speed up revenue and profit growth.

As economies develop across the globe, they offer new opportunities for players like you in the infrastructure and Mining industry. Whether you are into public infrastructure or mining, you would have realized by now that you are into a high-profile industry tied closely with economic growth. Being in such a strategic arena means not just lots of work, but also lots of responsibility. In every stage of business, you need to comply with several regulatory and safety norms. You also need to work with expensive assets, which need to be efficiently managed throughout their lifecycle. In short, every aspect of your business needs to be scrutinized, planned and implemented efficiently—right from sourcing of quality materials and timely execution of tasks, to revenue collection and complaint handling. As an enterprise, you need to gear up to meet challenges such as design changes, tracking project material movements, budget austerities or getting funding through progress payments or simply project billing. Slight variances in schedules or quality can harm your business, while also affecting your profitability.

Quite a daunting task, especially if you run a multitude of projects across the globe. Welcome HR- Pay role for the Mininig Infrastructure Industry. Experience an able helping hand—that will help you strategize, implement and win. Representing years of industry knowledge and expertise, HR-Pay role on the Cloud helps you streamline your business processes making them more dynamic, intuitive and effective than ever before.

The solution offers niche features for the Mining infrastructure industry, which are powerful yet flexible. It enables comprehensive end-to-end project tracking, freeing up your employees’ time to engage with customers. Go ahead and deliver the best to your clients, and plan your infrastructure business expansions, profitably.

With HR-Pay role on Cloud, you can:
  • Optimize your enterprise activities and processes
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards as well as pre-set parameters
  • Improve your overall agility and operational performance
  • Plan ahead, manage, and deliver desired results on time
  • Price your offerings effectively and stay ahead of competition
  • Implement proper maintenance routines to improve the worth of your expensive assets

Manage leads efficiently

Experience greater visibility on leads generated. Ensure greater conversion rates. It is important to grow. It is more important to be ready to face the demand when you grow. With HR- Payroll on Cloud, you can manage your leads and review your demand pipeline data in a structured manner. You can prepare your business model to support a large customer base.

  • Understand the lead numbers and quality
  • Develop insights into opportunity creation, marketing activities and follow-up
  • Perform periodic opportunity reviews
  • Analyse your competition and tweak your sales pitch accordingly

Expand your trade. Enter multiple geographies. Be a leader in your business.

As a visionary trader, you are committed to serving your customers efficiently and growing market share quickly. In your quest for excellence, you need to track your go-to-market strategies easily and in real-time. HR-Pay roll on Cloud has robust features that enable you with real-time data, decision- making power, and efficient processes. Track your operations so you know what is performing and what is not, and get empowered to rise above future challenges. With HR-Payroll, you can fast-track your trading business across geographies. Whether it is strategic sourcing to accrue cost advantages, pricing across wider geographies, greater visibility on shipping dates or simply collection concerns, our trading solutions are designed to cater to your needs and realize revenue growth.

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