Employee Self Service:

Empowered & engaged employees

Watch trust and motivation levels go up when employees gain access to the employee portal and have online access to their payroll and other information.

There are endless rewards to reap - better communication, standardised processes, faster turnaround times, transparency, engagement and superior quality. What’s more, we have a nifty mobile app for the ESS portal of HR-Payroll for anytime, anywhere access.

ESS portal - General Activities

View your own information

View your personal information, such as payslips, personal details, etc.

View your official documents and letters
View company policies and forms
Leverage the power of social networking
Search for and view employees

ESS portal - Leave

View leave balances and holidays
Manage leave transactions
View team’s leave information

Use as IT Help Desk

Use as Admin Help Desk
Use for Recruitment needs
Use as Accounts Help Desk
Use as HR Help Desk

ESS portal - Attendance

Managers in your organization can now view their team members' attendance and leave-related information anytime, anywhere. HR will no longer need to constantly keep generating reports or email regarding attendance and leave information.

On Employee Self Service, managers in your organization can access better information with significantly lesser effort

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